Cafe Jax....Where Friends Meet Friends

Good morning and welcome to Cafe Jax... your favorite cafe restaurant by choice in Eureka Montana!  Please have a seat with a restaurant menu and sit wherever you'd like.  Your server will be with you in a moment.  She smiles briefly at you before dashing away with a tray of still steaming mini muffins and fresh brewed local coffee.

The savory smells of just baked bread and biscuits, oven roasted turkey, signature cafe recipes, and the from scratch soup of the day fill your nose as you navigate the joyful chaos.  The cafe menu is packed with local products including honey, produce, and various meats.  A few tables away a child plays with a wacky boogie bus, his french fries forgotten for a time.

As you await your order you take in the tastefully classic novelty of the restaurant cafe '50s theme.  Old school photos and newspaper clippings depict the town of Eureka Montana and its people as it was, accompanied by an arm length set of silverware and a variety of highschool year books.  After a brief perusal of your surrounding the food arrives, decadent fields of golden hash browns backing twin mountains of gravy smothered biscuits.

Welcome to Cafe Jax... your favorite Eureka cafe restaurant by choice where the food is fresh and local and the people are smiling.  We're glad you chose to stop in today, and we look forward to serving you again.

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What Our Customers are Saying:

"Cafe Jax is my favorite cafe in the world.  Really.  I eat at least one meal there virtually every week of the year, and I thank my lucky stars that we have such a winning restaurant in our little community.  In each of my travels across the country, and in cultures all around the planet, no matter how remarkable or exotic they may be, I always reach a point when I wish I could just be eating one of my favorite meals at Jax, with people I know, in a warm familiar booth, in the corner near the stove.  That kind of "comfortable" turns out to be priceless.  Thank goodness the food is terrific.  Every day.  My students love it because it's milkshake heaven.  I love it because, after all these years, it feels like my own, personal cafe."  -Kenny Pannell


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